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VIDEO: ‘Hase Bikes Pino – Camille’s Bike’

Hase Bikes Pino -

When Camille Kohr wanted to ride bikes with her friends, her family turned to the team of adaptive cycling specialists at RAD-Innovations to be fitted for a Hase Bikes Pino.

Camille is a vibrant 15-year-old girl loving life with her family in California’s Bay Area. Like many girls her age, she says she enjoys things like miniature golf, bowling, camping and of course, riding bikes. But unlike many girls, the things she enjoys most aren’t always easy for her. Camille was diagnosed with a rare condition known as Dravet Syndrome when she was only a baby. She thinks and speaks a little more slowly, and experiences epileptic seizures.

“I like the Hase Bike because I get to go with some of my friends,” she says. “The Hase Bike is safe for me because I can have a seizure in the front of the bike and I’m buckled in the seat and I won’t fall.”

The Hase Pino allows Camille to enjoy the ride and pedal in a custom tandem recumbent seat on the front of the bike, but the upright rear stoker position allows a friend or family member to steer and stay in control.

Watch the video to learn more about Camille, and hear the poem she wrote that was inspired by the Pino.

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