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Riding to Recovery

Vivian's recumbent BerkelBike
Vivian, ready to roll on the recumbent BerkelBike in New York for the TD Five Boro Bike Tour.

Vivian Branschofsky didn’t let being diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 47 slow her down. In fact, she found herself more active than ever, skiing, hiking, gardening—even playing volleyball. And several years later when she found out she needed a total knee replacement, she knew she had to work to actively recover and get back to doing what she loves.

She turned to RAD-Innovations and the BerkelBike for its ability to keep her knee passively moving while handcycling both outdoors and mounted to an indoor stationary trainer.

“Two weeks after having a knee replacement, I used a BerkelBike as an indoor trainer to develop good flexion in my new knee. It was so much more comfortable than a stationary bike because of the recumbent seat and I could  ‘lock’ my foot into the pedal as my leg regained strength. This prevented my foot from falling off the pedal while exercising and the knee is back to normal more quickly, I believe, than it would have been without using the bike.”

-Vivian Branschofsky

Vivian enjoys the Hase Bikes Pino with RAD’s Anja Wrede.
Vivian enjoys the Hase Bikes Pino with RAD’s Anja Wrede.