mobility solutions – from concept to reality



The joy of riding a bike is one of life’s simple pleasures. From early childhood to the Golden Years, there’s something about the freedom of movement, fresh air and rush of adrenaline it can provide. Whether it’s for exercise, competition, the social aspect, transportation or just the pure thrill of it, there’s nothing quite like riding a bicycle.

But for people with balance or mobility impairments, it’s one of the simple pleasures that isn’t always so easy to come by.

At RAD-Innovations, we actively work with mobility challenged individuals to build and adapt custom inclusive cycling and mobility products. The increased mobility we offer can be life changing, but we believe there’s more to life than just getting around. From recreational adaptive cycling to competitive racerunning, we’ve got the right RAD ride for you.



No one’s abilities are the same, why should their bikes be?

As North America’s adaptive sports and inclusive cycling mobility specialist, not only do we design, manufacture, sell and distribute some of the world’s best adaptive bikes and products, as part of our process, we work with you from the initial idea to the final experience to make sure your ride is as unique as you, tailored to your needs and abilities.

We have unmatched extensive experience finding mobility solutions for a variety of conditions, including MS, Parkinson’s, SCI, TBI and stroke, as well as a variety of amputees and complex extremity trauma.

With a world-class facility built on a reclaimed dairy farm in picturesque rural Vermont, as well as specially trained and fully supported dealers across North America, we are able to approach each customer with a personal touch to combine form, fit and function, along with the ability to customize nearly any product in our lineup. We are also experienced working with physical and occupational therapists to find solutions.

Have an idea or project you want to bring to life? We can help.



1. Evaluation / Needs Analysis

It usually starts with a phone call. We take the time to listen before suggesting the right ride for you. We take into consideration not only your level of ability and any physical limitations, but your goals, budgets, timelines and other factors. We go beyond the “need,” and believe the “want” is just as important to how we can provide you with the best possible product and experience.

2. Product Selection

RAD-Innovations works together with you, our in-house staff and our professional network of dealers to determine the best possible solution for your ride. Sometimes the best product for you isn’t one of ours, and we’re OK with that. We have the experience and connections to point you in the right direction.

3. Demo Ride

Often times we are able to arrange a demo, whether it’s at an event, a local dealer or at our home facility. The ability to try before you buy goes a long way in determining not only if a product meets your needs, but will be something you’ll enjoy.

4. Product Fit / Customization

Once we’ve determined the best product for your needs, we’ll do a professional fitting tailored just to you, whether it’s here at our facility in Vermont, or at one of our trained dealers near you. Our products are highly customizable and we have all the parts and accessories to make them fit you and even grow or adapt with you as your needs change, keeping you active and safe throughout the life of ownership.

5. Delivery or pickup

The fun starts here!