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Tadpole vs. Delta Trike | RAD-Innovations

Tadpole vs. Delta Trikes: Which is right for me?

Tadpole vs. Delta Trikes | RAD-Innovations

Tricycles are a wonderful tool for getting exercise, getting outdoors, leaving the car parked or even getting off the beaten path. They offer much greater stability than a two-wheeled bike, and with modern technology, are more fun, fast and safer than ever before. But now that you’ve decided a trike might be your next ride, you’ll have to choose between tadpole and delta designs. But when it comes to tadpole vs. delta trikes, which is right for you?

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2016 Hase Bikes Workshop, RAD-Innovations

2016 Hase Bikes Dealer Workshop

Kettwiesel training, 2016 Hase Bikes Workshop, RAD-Innovations
Hase techs dig into Kettwiesel training. Photo: Hase Bikes

WALTROP, GER. – As the North American distributor for Hase Bikes, RAD-Innovations once again embarked on the annual pilgrimage to the Hase Bikes Dealer Workshop in Waltrop, Germany.

Approximately 150 dealers attend every year to get the latest technical training and education on some of the most cutting edge adaptive bikes and trikes on the market. Of course we find time for a little fun, too.

Hase Bike headquarters Waltrop, Germany, RAD-Innovations
The hallowed halls of Hase Bikes headquarters in Waltrop once housed a coal mining operation. Photo: Anja Wrede

We often bring one of our stateside dealers along for the ride, and this year we took another one of our best to Germany to get him to the holy halls of Hase and learn and ask all the questions directly. This year it was Kelvin and Marsha Clark from AngleTech Cycles in Colorado Springs, CO.

The first day of the Hase Bikes Dealer Workshop, we had chosen workshops for Kelvin and he started digging in. Saturday night the legendary Hase party starts: foosball matches and dancing. Good food, good talking and meeting friends

Training Workshop, 2016 Hase Bikes Workshop, RAD-Innovations
Training workshops range from product maintenance to marketing. Photo: Anja Wrede
Sunday at the Hase Bikes Dealer Workshop is full of more learning and hands on, one of the really interesting parts of the workshop every year is that the dealers get to build something in the metal workshop. This year we built mini Kettwiesels with fairings.
After a few more days at the Waltrop headquarters, we took the time to show Kelvin and Marsha around Germany.
Mini Kettwiessel frame, 2016 HASE BIKES WORKSHOP, RAD Innovations
The frame of a mini Kettwiesel before the fairing was added. Photo: Hase Bikes
Brewery Jopenkerk, RAD Innovations
No visit to Germany is complete without a brewery stop or two. Brewery Jopenkerk in the neighboring Netherlands did not disappoint. Photo: Anja Wrede
2016 Hase Bike Workshop, RAD Innovations
Locals read the results of the US election the morning after in newspapers at a produce stand. Photo: Anja Wrede
Former Summer House of Frederick the Great, 2016 Hase Bike Workshop
The former summer house of Frederick the Great, “Sans Souci” means “without worry.” Photo: Anja Wrede
Gardens of the Sans Souci, 2016 Hase Bikes Workshop
Kelvin and Marsha relax in the gardens of the Sans Souci where RAD’s own Anja worked years ago. Photo: Anja Wrede

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