mobility solutions – from concept to reality


Q: Can you customize a bike for my abilities?

A: Yes, we are experienced and fully equipped to find the right product for you and make any further customizations needed to match your abilities.


Q: Can I get funding for the bike I need?

A: There is often independent funding and grant assistance for certain mobility products, and sometimes insurance can help as well. Contact us for help evaluating your needs and resources on an individual basis.


Q: How long does it take from test ride to delivery?

A: That depends on a number of factors. In many cases, if a bike is in stock and doesn’t require customization, it can go home with you the same day or be shipped immediately! We’ll work hard to get you the right ride as quickly as possible.


Q: Where can I buy adaptive accessories?

A: Accessories can be purchased at your local RAD-Innovations dealer or in our online shop (coming soon!).


Q: How can I transport a Hase Bikes Kettwiesel or Lepus?

A: Most trikes are able to be broken down to a certain degree for easy transport in most vehicles and of course pickup trucks or vans make transport easy. There are also rear hitch racks available for tricycles such as the Hitch Rider.


Q: How does a tricycle or tandem benefit my health?

A: A tricycle or tandem can provide most all of the cardiovascular and circulatory benefits of a traditional bicycle. The BerkelBike can also provide additional circulatory and physiological benefits to those without motor function in their legs by passively turning the pedals in conjunction with the hand cycle.


Q: Can I ride any of your trikes inside on a trainer?

A: Yes, we offer trainer options for most of our products. You can find them in our online shop (coming soon!).


Q: Is there a warranty?

A: Yes, all frames and forks carry a 2-year warranty. Products registered with RAD-Innovations are warrantied for a total of 5 years starting from the date of sale. Valid only for the original owner.


Q: Can I try before I buy?

A: Yes, you can be fitted and try any of our products for yourself either at one of our authorized dealers or on-site here at our headquarters in Cornwall, Vermont. Appointment only.


Q: Do your bikes/trikes come in different sizes?

A: Yes, we have children’s specific products such as the Hase Bikes Trets, and most products feature a wide range of adjustability to fit a variety of shapes and sizes and even grow with you!