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Emily’s First Bike- Hase Kettwiesel Trike

Emily's Hase Kettwiesel trike
Emily enjoys her maiden voyage aboard her new custom shoulder-steering Hase Kettwiesel trike in Oceanside, CA.

Emily Rowley got her first bike when she 12 years old. Born with congenital phocomelia and scoliosis, Emily doesn’t have any arms, but she has two very strong, healthy legs. She lives on the US Marine Corps base in Oceanside, CA, with her mother, sister and father—an active Marine—all cyclists. She used to ride in a trailer behind her dad’s bike, but thanks to RAD-Innovations, she now has her own. The team at RAD custom fit a Hase Kettwiesel trike with shoulder steering, coaster-actuated disc brakes and foot shifting, giving her complete control. Three years later, Emily is loving her custom trike more than ever.

“Dear RAD Team,

The day before Halloween in 2013, I walked outside to find that Anja and her team built me my very first bike. It was so amazing! I even got to pick out the color for it. I chose dark blue and it is beautiful. I was able to get on it myself and steer using my shoulders. It felt so great to finally be able to have the freedom to ride around and have the wind blowing in my face, knowing that I’m in full control and that I am finally riding a bike. I get to go on bike rides with my family and explore the world in a way that I thought I would never be able to. I am so glad I have a bike because it opened up a world of opportunities to do more amazing things that I would not be able to do if Anja and her team didn’t create such an outstanding bike.

Thanks to my bike, I am now able to ride along with my mom, dad and my sister on bike rides instead of sitting in a cart on the back of my dad’s bike. Now when I exercise, I can do it in a more enjoyable way with my bike. I could not be any happier with the way my bike came out.”

-Emily Rowley