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It’s a feeling

The joy of riding a bike is one of life’s simple pleasures. From early childhood to the Golden Years, there’s something about the freedom of movement, fresh air and rush of adrenaline it can provide. Whether it’s for exercise, competition, the social aspect, transportation or just the pure thrill of it, there’s nothing quite like riding a bicycle.

But for people with balance or mobility impairments, it’s one of the simple pleasures that isn’t always so easy to come by.


What we do

At RAD-Innovations, we actively work with mobility challenged individuals to build and adapt custom inclusive cycling and mobility products. The increased mobility we offer can be life changing, but we believe there’s more to life than just getting around. From recreational adaptive cycling to competitive racerunning, we’ve got the right RAD ride for you.

As North America’s adaptive sports and inclusive cycling mobility specialist since 1999, not only do we design, manufacture, sell and distribute some of the world’s best adaptive bikes and products, we work with you from the initial idea to the final experience to make sure your ride is as unique as you, tailored to your needs and abilities.

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We’ve also got decades of manufacturing experience and strong relationships in the cycling industry. From custom tooling, prototyping and testing, to certification, assembly and sourcing, we know our way around tubes, wheels and accessories.

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Our story

David Black first discovered the joy of providing the freedom of movement for people with adaptive needs when he was a teeneager in Northern Virginia. Working with a local amusement company that offered pony rides, he had the chance to work with a variety of special needs children. Something about those smiling faces atop the horses struck a chord in him.

“Everybody was able to have the same opportunity to ride,” he recalls, grinning over his glasses. “And there were so many people ready and willing to provide that opportunity. It was really something special.”

David Black, RAD-Innovations

Many years later, in the late ‘90s, David was working in product development when he was approached by a friend to consult on a production project for adult push chairs and running strollers—unique adaptive products that were being manufactured alongside bicycles.

The special needs aspect of the project really resonated with him. He was called in as a problem solver, and beyond the scope of the project, he realized that there was a bigger problem.

“There is a significant gap between needs, resources and available adaptive products. The frustration that I had—and still have—is looking at the product that’s out there and seeing how limited and awkward it is in use and how expensive it is,” says David. “It struck me that there was such a need for affordable, quality solutions for families with limited means.”

With his experience in product development and newfound bicycle manufacturing connections, he decided to fill that need, and set about designing and building the best possible products in the mobility and cycling world.

Anja Wrede, RAD-Innovations

Shortly after, he met Anja Wrede on a mutual project in Germany. Anja was working as a project manager for tandems and trailers, and David was once again brought in as a problem solver. Anja and David quickly discovered the overlap in their talents and passions.

Working together, David and Anja pooled their experience and resources. In 2006, RAD-Innovations was born as a resource for the design, manufacturing, import and distribution of unique and adaptive bikes, tandems, trikes and related products in North America.

A certified bicycle mechanic and from Germany with more than 25 years of experience in the bicycle industry, Anja moved to North America to continue to grow RAD-Innovations with David, as well as raise their son, Henry. While she handles much of the day to day business, she loves getting out from behind her desk to work hands-on with customers.

“It is really fun to find solutions and to see people being able to use bicycles and do things they didn’t think they were able to do,” says Anja. “That’s really what makes me happy.”

Over the last decade, RAD-Innovations has become the leader in adaptive cycling and design in North America, and remains at the forefront of providing mobility solutions and improving the quality of life for people of all abilities.

Today, David and Anja are partners in life and business, running RAD-Innovations from its new headquarters on a reclaimed dairy farm in rural Vermont.

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